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Dental Crowns
Lake Worth, TX

Rendering of jaw with dental crown from HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth in Lake Worth, TXDental crowns act as a covering for a damaged tooth. Our dentists use these to both protect the tooth from further damage and give its function back. Crowns are typically placed as a response to tooth damage or infection or following other types of dental procedures. There are a few types of crowns available and our professional dental team at HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth will give you more information on them when you come in for a consult.

Why Crowns Are Important

Crowns protect your teeth after they have damage. These prevent both infection and further damage as your tooth recovers. Some situations in which they are used include injuries, cavities, post-op protection after root canals, tooth decay, and preparation for dental implants or dental bridges. Crowns look very similar to natural teeth so these both restore your smile and normal function in drinking, eating, and activities.

Crown Types

Crowns can be made of different materials including gold alloys, base metal alloys, porcelain fused to metal, and ceramic. Gold alloy and other types of base metal are the most durable types available, but these tend to cost more and do not resemble your natural teeth. Porcelain fused to metal is a step between alloys and ceramic. These blend very well with natural teeth and are also stronger than ceramic. Ceramic crowns are the least durable, but they are the most cost effective and natural-looking.

When deciding on a material to use, you and our dentist will consult on various factors. Some factors to consider include function, cost, gum position, tooth location, color of your other teeth, and how much of your natural tooth remains.

There are also different styles of crowns in addition to the various materials available. For example, you can get either a partial crown or a full crown. The style you get will depend on how severe the tooth damage is. Temporary crowns are another type that may be used while you wait on your permanent crown to come in. These are held in place with a basic dental adhesive.


You should expect the entire process to take a few visits to complete. During your first appointment, our dentist will take dental x-rays and an impression of your teeth. This is used to mold a crown that is customized to your teeth. It will resemble your natural teeth and give you better functioning.

Our dentist will then prepare your tooth by filling it and removing any damaged or infected parts. Our dentist will take another impression of the teeth once this is finished to ensure that the permanent crown blends in. You will likely receive a temporary crown to protect your tooth while you wait on the permanent one to be molded. Temporary crowns do not look as natural as permanent crowns.

After we get your permanent crown, you will come in for placement. This time, we use a dental cement to hold the crown in place. This gives it more durability and function than your temporary crown had. In general, you can expect this process to take a few weeks to complete. Call HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth at (682) 516-3532 for more information about dental crowns.
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Dental Crowns | HomeTown Dental |Lake Worth, TX
Dental crowns are natural-looking prosthetic teeth that are used to cap unstable or restored teeth. Visit HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth for the best dental crowns!
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