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Digital Radiography
Lake Worth, TX

A woman and doctor discussing dental x-rays at HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth in Lake Worth, TXDigital radiography is part of any individuals’ dental care. Digital radiography has many similar features to x-rays, but these have various benefits that make them the preferred choice of most dentists and patients. Digital radiography is usually included in routine dental exams, but you may receive it sooner if there are any specific concerns to address. Digital radiography is a crucial part of dental health maintenance. Our trained professionals can provide digital radiography and explain any results to you at HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth.

Why Digital Radiography is Important

Our dental professionals will provide thorough cleanings and exams on a routine basis, but they will not be able to see any underlying issues without digital radiography. Digital radiography is used to see underneath your gums as well as the structure of your teeth and bones. Issues that digital radiography can detect are: maldevelopment, injury, infection, and various other dental health problems. These issues should be caught early so that they do not cause any further complications. If these issues are left undiscovered or untreated, they can lead to infection that spread throughout the body, causing heart disease and other serious health problems.

Digital radiography serves the same purpose as dental x-rays, but it is actually much safer. Digital radiography produces a very clear image of both the soft and hard tissues in the mouth. This produces less radiation (up to 90%) than traditional x-rays. It also gives our dental professionals higher quality images and the process takes much less time. Also, digital radiography is environmentally friendly because no chemicals are used to produce these images. Digital radiography is also a useful tool because it lets our dentist examine the images in closer detail and manipulate them using specialized software.

Radiograph Process

Digital radiography is similar to x-rays in the way that the images are taken. First, our dental professionals will place a small sensor in the mouth. They use the same machine used for x-rays to take the radiographic image. With digital radiography, the image is converted from analog to digital. This displays an image on the computer using various shaded pixels. The entire process is very quick and generally takes just seconds to get the image.

Reviewing the Images

After your radiographic image is processed, our dentist examines the images for any issues with your teeth or other parts of the mouth and bone structure. At this time, they can also use radiography computer software to manipulate the images and examine each of them in fine detail. This gives our dentist a chance to see smaller injuries or symptoms of disease that could go unnoticed with traditional examinations or dental x-rays. This computer software is also useful in monitoring dental development as multiple images from different times can be compared meaning it is especially useful for monitoring a child’s dental development.

After your examination, you will meet with our dentist to discuss the images. They will explain the results and any concerns that were noted. If there are any concerns, treatment options will also be discussed during this time. For more information about digital radiography or to schedule an appointment, contact HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth at (682) 516-3532 now.
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Our trained professionals at HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth can provide digital radiography and explain any results to you within minutes! Call us today to schedule an appointment!
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