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Dentures - Complete, Partial, & Custom
Lake Worth, TX

Rendering of removable partial denture at HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth in Lake Worth, TXThe American Dental Association states that there are more than 120 million people in America that have lost one or more teeth. 30 million of these people have no teeth at all (edentulous). Dentures are a great restorative method to give your mouth normal functioning. Many patients choose to wear dentures, with about 90% of those who have lost all teeth are wearing dentures. The type of denture you receive will depend on several factors that our professional dental team at HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth will discuss with you.

Why Dentures Are Important

Tooth loss can create numerous problems for people. For instance, you may have lost self-confidence and be hesitant to smile. Dentures give you a very natural-looking smile and people typically cannot tell the difference between dentures and natural teeth. Tooth loss also affects that way you eat and speak and dentures can help to restore this functioning to almost normal.

Denture Types

Depending on the severity of your tooth loss, you could receive either partial or complete dentures. Partial dentures are made for people who are only missing a small section of their teeth. These use soft tissue and natural teeth for support, and they are made of a combination of metal and plastic. Complete dentures are made to replace teeth for those who have lost all of their natural ones. These have a plastic base that resembles your gumline and either porcelain or plastic teeth. These are also supported by the soft tissue in your mouth.

There are three separate styles of dentures you can receive; immediate, overdenture, and conventional. Immediate dentures are inserted on the day of tooth removal and are also called same-day dentures. They may need to be realigned after you have fully recovered. Overdentures cover the natural teeth so that you do not need to lose them. This is similar to how dental implants function. Conventional dentures can take a few months to complete as they are processed after tooth removal. You must wait for the tissues to heal fully before placing these. You can remove each of these denture types, but there are also instances where you would need to have fixed dentures.


Different denture types require different processes. Each of them begins by our dentist taking an impression of your teeth. After we get the impressions, we will send them to our dental lab for processing. This is when they will make the mold (denture). You may have a few follow up visits where individual parts of your new dentures are fitted. Once every part has been properly fitted, our lab can process the final piece.

Caring For Dentures

Your dental hygiene routine does not go away simply because you have lost your natural teeth. When you are not wearing your dentures, you will need to place them in a cup of denture cleaning solution or water. However, you cannot put them in hot water because it will warp the shape and affects the fit. You will also need to clean your dentures daily using soap and water. For oral hygiene, you will need to rinse daily when you are not wearing your dentures. This prevents infection and other oral hygiene problems. To ask about our denture options, contact HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth at (682) 516-3532 today.
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