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Dental Exams
Lake Worth, TX

Woman talking to dentist during dental exam at HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth in Lake Worth, TXDental exams are critical for maintaining oral health. You will need to brush twice and floss daily, but you also need a professional cleaning at our office at least once yearly. Our dental professionals at HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth, will provide a thorough dental exam to monitor dental development, ensure that your teeth are clean, and check for any underlying issues.

Why Exams Are Important

The first step in caring for your oral health is brushing and flossing on a daily basis but, you still need a dental professional to examine your mouth and ensure good oral health. Dental exams are crucial because they are much more thorough than the oral care you provide for yourself at home. These give you the chance to talk about any concerns with our dentist. Exams can also give our dentist a chance to find any issues you may not have known about previously. Finding these issues early can prevent a variety of dental health conditions. Some dental diseases can also cause other health issues, so dental exams are necessary for maintaining good overall health.

Dental Cleaning

Before we begin your exam, one of our dental hygienists will provide a deep cleaning of your teeth. This allows them to remove all of the plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums. Our dental hygienists use a scaler to initially clean your teeth and after, they will then brush and floss your teeth. To finish, you may also receive a fluoride treatment, though this is not always necessary. After your cleaning is finished, our dentist will meet with you. Our dentist will take a look inside your mouth and may also do some light cleaning if they notice a spot that was missed.

Dental X-rays

We recommend having dental x-rays as part of the exam on a routine basis. The exact frequency of these x-rays will depend on your insurance and medical history. Dental x-rays let our dentist check for correct dental placement and alignment and also are able to show unseen areas, which reveal any underlying dental conditions. Before your x-ray, we will cover your neck and chest with protective padding to prevent any unnecessary radiation. Then, we will place a small piece of plastic in your mouth for you to bite which helps keep your jaw from moving and also provides a way to focus the x-ray. Typically, you would receive an x-ray on each side of your mouth. If you are interested in clear aligners or Invisalign, you also need dental x-rays and impressions to ensure the fit of the trays to your teeth.


For the final part of the exam, our dentist will discuss the results of the x-rays. During this time, you can also talk about any other concerns you may have. In addition, our dentist may check your bite for alignment using a piece of colored paper. They will also do one final examination of your mouth to check for any other issues including signs of oral cancer. This is done for all patients and involves an examination of the teeth, tongue, and gums. Our dentist will explain this examination to you in more detail and discuss your results. Before you leave, we will give you further instructions for dental care at home. To schedule an exam with HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth, you can call our office at (682) 516-3532 today.
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Regular oral exams at HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth improves your oral health and enhances your smile. Call us now to schedule your dental exams!
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