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Inlays & Onlays
Lake Worth, TX

A woman with inlays and onlays smiling at HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth in Lake Worth, TXDental fillings are a common procedure, but you may wonder if there are any alternatives. Dental inlays and onlays are a great option for restoration after cavities and tooth decay. They have several benefits that fillings do not. These all have a very long lifespan, though the exact longevity will be based on the type of material used to build them. Our dentist at HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth will explain your options and help you decide which is the right one for you.

Why Inlays and Onlays Are Important

When dealing with tooth decay, you should have the condition treated as soon as possible to prevent serious infection. Inlays and onlays are a restorative technique used to give you your natural look and functioning back after a tooth extraction. One benefit of these is that they both preserve the natural teeth. Inlays are used when you have a dental injury or tooth decay that does not affect the tooth cusp. Onlays are used for more serious damage, usually affecting the cusp.

Furthermore, inlays and onlays are more durable than dental fillings. They bind to your teeth with gives them a better look and more functionality. This binding helps to prevent further damage or infection as it seals the tooth. You will not experience damage to these like you would with regular dental fillings.


In the past, inlays and onlays were both only available in a gold material. Now, you could also have porcelain or ceramic materials. This is often preferred since these are the same color as natural teeth. However, keep in mind that gold and other metals are much sturdier than porcelain or ceramic.

Inlays and onlays have similar processes to one another. With each of them, you will usually need to come in for two separate appointments. At your first appointment, we will prepare your tooth and get a mold for processing. At the second appointment, the inlay or onlay is placed permanently. In general, you can expect this entire process to take a few weeks for completion.

To start, we will provide anesthetic so that we can prepare your tooth. This involves drilling any remaining decay or damage and filing the tooth to create a support for placement. Following this, our dentist will get an impression of the teeth and send it to our lab. The lab then makes the inlay or onlay to be custom fitted for your mouth.

Your mold will take several weeks to process, but you will receive a temporary inlay or onlay in the meantime. This is temporarily cemented into place and holds to the natural tooth while you wait on the permanent piece.

We will contact you when your permanent inlay or onlay is ready. At your next appointment, our dentist removes the temporary placement. After removal, our dentist will place the permanent inlay or onlay using dental cement. This piece is filed once it is in place to ensure that your bite is even and that it does not injure your soft tissue. For additional information about inlays and onlays, contact HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth at (682) 516-3532 now.
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Dental inlays and onlays are a great option for restoration after cavities and tooth decay. Our dentists at HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth can help you! Call us today!
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