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Root Canal
Lake Worth, TX

Diagram of tooth showing tooth rootThere are millions of patients each year that receive root canals. These are simple procedures that are very effective in preserving the look of natural teeth as well as treating tooth infection. Root canals are a very quick and painless procedure. Depending on how severe your infection is, you may need more than one root canal, but you will have normal functioning a few hours after the procedure. Our dentist at HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth will give you more information on the procedure at your initial consultation.

Why Root Canals Are Important

Root canals are a procedure that is used to treat inflammation or infection in your tooth’s pulp. Pulp is located in the pulp cavity in the tooth and is a soft, connective tissue which attaches the tooth to the gums. This helps nerve signals travel between the tooth and gums to allow for normal functioning and sensation. Because it is a connective tissue, any inflammation or infection in the pulp can easily spread into the mouth.

When this happens, the bacteria have a chance of getting into the bloodstream. This could affect various other areas of the body, causing numerous health conditions. Root canals are useful in cleaning the infection and inflammation out of the dental pulp. This protects you from further infection, alleviates symptoms, and restores normal functioning.

There are root canal alternatives, such as a dental implant, but root canals are often preferred by both dental professionals and patients. The most important reason is that root canals alleviate the need for total tooth extraction. This helps maintain normal functioning in your mouth and lets you have a natural look. Root canals are also cost effective, painless, and efficient compared to some alternatives.


You will initially have a consultation with our dentist where they will give you information about the procedure and recovery instructions. It is important to follow these instructions exactly as you receive them, since they can vary slightly depending on your specific condition.

Before the root canal begins, our dentist will get an x-ray and administer anesthetic. A dental dam is placed over your tooth to separate it and block saliva. This procedure begins with our dentist making an opening into the tooth’s crown, which is where they will access your dental pulp. Once the opening is complete, our dentist removes the pulp and shapes the open pulp cavity to prepare it for filling.

Gutta-percha is the most common substance that dentists use to fill the pulp cavity. Our dentist uses an adhesive cement to hold this material in place. They will also give you a temporary filling in your tooth’s crown. This prevents infection while you recover from the root canal.

After the initial recovery, you will come in for a final restoration. This involves placing a permanent crown or other type of tooth restoration. This gives you both a normal appearance and normal functioning. Our dentist will discuss the various types of restorative procedures we can use.

To get more information on root canals, contact HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth at (682) 516-3532 today.
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Root canals are a very quick and painless procedure. If your infection is severe, you may need more than one root canal. Call HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth now!
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