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Single Tooth Implant
Dentist Lake Worth, TX

Computer image of a single tooth dental implant from HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth in Lake Worth, TX.If you are only missing one tooth, is replacing it really that big of a deal? Or can you just wait - or maybe even skip replacing it entirely? The effects of even a single missing tooth can be disastrous for your smile, which is why HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth offers a single tooth replacement so that your smile can look and work at its absolute best.

What Is Single Tooth Replacement?

A single tooth replacement is a dental implant designed to do exactly what it sounds like - replace just one tooth, as opposed to multiple teeth like dentures or a multiple tooth dental implant. A single tooth implant resembles a tiny screw that is inserted into the jawbone itself, so that over the course of a couple months it fuses with the living bone, effectively replacing the root. Over the implant goes a crown, a special cap that covers damaged, sensitive, or recovering teeth. An implant is built to be permanent and fit seamlessly alongside the rest of your natural teeth, though some can be removed.

Why Replace a Single Tooth?

It might not seem like missing a single tooth can make that much of a difference, but the truth is that your mouth is designed to have all of its teeth. When even one goes missing it throws your whole oral health out of balance. The rest of your teeth can start drifting out of place, causing them to appear crooked or develop gaps. Without a tooth to stimulate it, the jawbone beneath starts to decay, which can dramatically change the shape of your jaw and face as your facial features begin to collapse in on themselves.

A single tooth implant can also be a better option than similar treatments, such as a dental bridge. When having a bridge placed your surrounding natural teeth must be filed down to anchor it, and these teeth become more prone to infection. Bridges also do not look or work as well as a dental implant, which can feel almost identical to your natural teeth.

What Can You Expect When Getting a Single Tooth Replaced?

A single tooth replacement will typically entail at least two visits to our office. During the first visit, we will perform a thorough and comprehensive dental exam of your whole mouth, working with you to lay out your options and decide which course of treatment is best for your unique oral health needs. If a dental implant is determined to be the best option, then we will usually go right ahead and place the implant. You will get a temporary crown to immediately restore function, and in the meantime, your permanent, custom-fitted crown will be fabricated to ultra-precise specifications. Once it is complete, we will call you so you can come back in and have your permanent crown placed.

Smile With All of Your Teeth Again Today!

There is no need to wait to restore the form and function of your smile. Replacing a single tooth can be fast, affordable, and easy. If you are interested in how this treatment can revitalize your smile, then call (682) 516-3532 today and see how HomeTown Dental at Lake Worth can help you!
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At HomeTown Dental in Lake Worth, TX, we offer a single tooth replacement so that your smile can look and work at its absolute best. Learn more here.
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